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Blue Abyss Space Exploration

The world's most comprehensive commercial astronaut training centre

Blue Abyss will offer the world's most comprehensive commercial human spaceflight training. Providing services to commercial human spaceflight carriers as well as the adventure tourism market, its astronaut training centre will deliver human spaceflight simulation services of unparalleled quality and depth.

Not only will Blue Abyss house the world’s largest and deepest neutral buoyancy pool, but it will offer a wealth of facilities and services to meet the needs of the embryonic but fast growing human spaceflight market.

Blue Abyss will provide end-to-end services to safely and effectively familiarise and prepare humans for spaceflight. It will also present the adventure tourism market with a unique opportunity to experience space without ever leaving the planet. This could include specific simulations like a mission to Mars.

Facilities will include neutral buoyancy, parabolic flight and centrifuge training, alongside hyper and hypobaric chambers and a micro-gravity simulation suite, plus the Kuehnegger Human Performance Centre for extreme environment research. Our team of human physiology professionals will deliver medicals and space environment courses for individuals going in to orbit as well as simple familiarisation experiences for sub-orbital customers. Plus our highly-qualified team of divers and poolside supervisors will ensure pool safety at all times.

Blue Abyss has the potential to become the world's premier commercial space environment simulation and training facility. This is a truly pioneering project that could extend the breadth of space ‘tourism’ activities possible, and augment the capabilities available to prepare for space exploration beyond anything that exists today.

Main image: ESA/NASA. Image below: NASA.

Blue Abyss Space Exploration

“Blue Abyss is uniquely positioned to provide a pioneering, state-of-the-art facility delivering ‘space-ready’ humans for flight.”
Dr. Scott Parazynski, Veteran NASA Astronaut and Blue Abyss Non-Executive Director

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Serving the fast-growing human spaceflight market

Blue Abyss will offer a realistic experience to prepare humans for the rigours of launch and return to Earth, and the micro-gravity experienced during spaceflight. Services will include neutral buoyancy training, centrifuge training and parabolic flights. 

Blue Abyss Space Exploration
  • Commercial human spaceflight
  • Adventure tourism
  • Gift experiences

Experiences for everyone to enjoy

Blue Abyss will have a place in everyone’s lives, not just for the fortunate few. Corporate reward and gift experience packages will give people a taste of what it’s like to be in space without the hefty price tag. And educators will be supported in engaging children in science, technology, engineering and maths to enhance their learning potential.

Blue Abyss Space Exploration

Our expert aerospace team

Blue Abyss has assembled reputable aerospace experts to ensure that it can deliver world-class human spaceflight services and research. These include: Director of Space Operations, Professor Simon Evetts; veteran astronauts Dr. Scott Parazynski and Retired Lieutenant-General Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu; plus the support of Dr. Helen Sharman, Britain’s first Astronaut.

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