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Imagine having the opportunity to help create the world’s first commercial ‘Space Environment’ simulation facility for aerospace research and development including potential to train humans for spaceflight. Due to its size and construction it also caters for divers, human physiology researchers – to better understand the effects of the marine and space environments on the human body and educational use to encourage our children to be more aware of the vast richness of our oceans and the vast potential of space.

Blue Abyss is building the world’s largest and deepest, multi-level, indoor research, training and development pool. Alongside, hyperbaric chambers, commercial diving and micro-gravity facilities, this will be the UK and Europe’s premier marine and space research facility.

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Talks with NASA shore up operational plans

by Rosanna Turner, 2016-07-31

NBL HoustonOn 24th July, John Vickers and Dr. Simon Evetts flew to the U.S on a whistle-stop tour of Houston and Washington DC to meet with senior executives from NASA and their associates.

Facilitated by Blue Abyss Non-Executive Director and former NASA Astronaut, Dr. Scott Parazynski, the trip was focused on leveraging NASA’s experience and expertise of delivering their human spaceflight training programme to better inform plans for Blue Abyss. It was also an opportunity for the team to present the Blue Abyss vision and discuss possible opportunities and collaborations.

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Blue Abyss sponsors schools visit to meet Tim Peake

by Rosanna Turner, 2016-07-23

Tim Peake ESA School visit17 British students who took the Space to Earth Challenge set by European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Tim Peake, had a unique insight into astronaut health during a prize visit to the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne, Germany on July 4th 2016. Over 20,000 children from around Britain ran, swam, cycled or space-hopped to complete the 400 km distance from Space to Earth whilst Tim was in Space.

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SeaSpace workshop helps shape future R&D capabilities

by Professor Simon Evetts, 2016-07-13

On 8th July, in a workshop held at the Wivenhoe House Hotel on the University of Essex’s campus, academics from leading universities gathered to help shape the R&D capabilities of Blue Abyss, and the nature of the collaborative ‘Academic Partnership’ that will underpin Blue Abyss’ future R&D enterprises.

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Dive into the Blue Abyss

by John Vickers, 2016-06-28

Get your virtual wet suit on and join us beneath the surface of the world’s largest indoor pool. Our partners at Cityscape Digital have created this short video to help us visualise the future. You’ll see a replica International Space Station with divers helping an astronaut to ‘spacewalk’, multiple levels of the pool offering different depths for all sorts of underwater activities, and you can even peer over the edge into the 50m shaft… dare you swim to the bottom?

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The ups and downs of readapting to life on Earth

by Professor Simon Evetts, 2016-06-27

Following Tim’s re-entry to Earth on 18th June, Blue Abyss’ Space Life Scientist, Professor Simon Evetts, tells us what Tim can expect over the coming weeks and months as he readapts to gravity.

Studying astronauts helps us to understand why and how the body deals with low or zero gravity. With each mission, we get closer to working out the optimum exercise to keep astronauts “Earth-strong”, and Tim’s return offers us an opportunity to advance this knowledge. There’s no doubt about it, the rigours of spaceflight leave a lasting effect on the body. Tim’s body will need to readjust to Earth’s gravity, and it can take anything between six weeks to three years for some aspects of the body to return to pre-flight normality after 6 months in Space. Getting used to the Earth’s gravity again is known as ‘readaptation’.

Image courtesy of ESA

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Former NASA Astronaut Dr. Scott Parazynski joins Blue Abyss

by John Vickers, 2016-06-06

Aquatic, aerospace and extreme environment research and training company, Blue Abyss Ltd., has appointed Dr. Scott Parazynski as Non-Executive Director. Dr. Parazynski will advise and guide on neutral buoyancy training for astronauts and human physiology in extreme environments.

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